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My dog just died, my brother is dying and I shit you not I just found out my extended family has a plantation in Tennessee with a cemetery where family and slaves are buried. Seriously? I am not sure which is worse right now?

My brother attempted to 5150 himself into the hospital about a month ago with four times the alcohol limit and some pills. Evidently, he wasn’t handling the death of my mother this past December after he accused me of killing her 24 hours after her release to me in hospice care. Had I any clue he…

“I heard your momma died,” they said. I hadn’t heard from extended family in years.

WHERE WERE YOU THE LAST TWO YEARS? I DID EVERYTHING AND NOW YOU COME BACK?” my brother chided me. “You know, your momma was always smart but a loner,” mentioned my aunt. “She always treated him better,” said another.

All family’s have different dynamics and I may have grown up in a completely fractured family that was full of so many lies that you didn’t know what was the truth anymore. However, under no circumstances did you leave your mother in a hospital to die alone. This is what decision my brother chose to do. As he said, “She’s a goner anyway.” What loving son says that? …

A big debate is going on between my school district, teachers and parents whether the teachers should do instruction from their classrooms during distance learning or from their homes. The school district has outlined their argument and didn’t include the teachers union in the decision which enraged some or most teachers. Teachers and parents even created a Facebook page stating their opinions regarding it. They also organized a drive by during the Board of Education meeting letting them know they were dissatisfied with the school district which even made the news.

I’m proud to say our parents are supporting us…

I am blessed. Counting down to fifty … five more day’s!

At this point in a woman’s life, men are trading us in for a newer model. I’m proud to say I look pretty good for 50. A second graders just told me I look 35 and I’ll take it. My first graders are more brutal and I’m 95. Reflecting is normal.

What are my regrets, lessons learned, questions… will I be alone the next 50 years?

It’s Friday night and once again I’m home alone having glass of wine lounging on the couch with my standard poodle. I am…

A California Haiku

Our world is broken.

Burning lungs, buildings, and trees.


You haven’t even seen my body language!

When I heard the phrase “resting bitch face” for the first time, I finally knew why I was constantly grounded all the time in high school. All through my career, I have been reprimanded for the “look” on my face. What look? I would ask. Then it was more trouble. Like many, my family was dysfunctional but we had to pretend to others it perfect. My face would give it away.

As a full grown adult, I know when I’m giving a look. Especially when I’m in the classroom, with my hand on…

What happens when everything you ever believed in turns out to be wrong? My whole life I was proud of my Cherokee heritage and that I was the last legal amount to check that box on the census forms. Granted, if you looked at me you might laugh because I am the epitome of a typical California girl/woman with blond hair and green eyes.

My grandmother use to say she always say the Cherokee in me because of the high cheekbones. Lately, it has even meant more with all the “reverse” racism and hate against others in today’s society. I…

It was National Donut Day and Ms. Regaldo’s first grade class decided to have Donuts for Dad as an early Fathers Day gift. The room was filled with the sounds of laughter as the first graders were reading to their parents. Meanwhile, Nathan was running late to school. He knew his teacher, Mrs. Lujan was going to be unhappy he was late. But, as he walked slowly toward his classroom, he heard sounds of laughter and talking coming from Ms. Regaldo’s room next door. He checked his room, just silence. He was already tardy, what was few more minutes he…

You know when you get to that area when you’re driving and you’ve lost the signal so you can’t listen to Iheart radio through your phone or your iTunes that are on the cloud? You press seek desperately on your radio looking for a station that might have music. You begin to panic that you’re going to have to drive through these hills in silence. The fog is creeping in and visibility is becoming a bit difficult. Then suddenly, it stops on a channel. Yes!

Oh, the only station that works is God’s word.

It never ceases to amaze me…


The first night in over a decade I was sleeping in a bed alone. Not exactly alone, my dog decided it would be nice to take up the majority of it. There was no snoring in the background, no television blaring a program that he would sleep through on the leather couch in the living room while holding his junk. Eventually, he’d get up around 3 am and mosey in to bed to get out by 6 am. It was near the holidays and I asked him what he wanted for Christmas. “I want you to get out.” Thirteen and…


I enjoy writing but i don’t take myself seriously. I ❤️my standard poodle, the mystery of the ocean, & people watching. I’d like to publish a children’s book.

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