I Heard Your Momma Died

“I heard your momma died,” they said. I hadn’t heard from extended family in years.

WHERE WERE YOU THE LAST TWO YEARS? I DID EVERYTHING AND NOW YOU COME BACK?” my brother chided me. “You know, your momma was always smart but a loner,” mentioned my aunt. “She always treated him better,” said another.

All family’s have different dynamics and I may have grown up in a completely fractured family that was full of so many lies that you didn’t know what was the truth anymore. However, under no circumstances did you leave your mother in a hospital to die alone. This is what decision my brother chose to do. As he said, “She’s a goner anyway.” What loving son says that? I could go on about the things that she didn’t do for me emotionally but I’m going to talk about the things she did, even in an abusive marriage, that made me proud she was my mother.

I enjoy writing but i don’t take myself seriously. I ❤️my standard poodle, the mystery of the ocean, & people watching. I’d like to publish a children’s book.