Returning to school during Covid 2020/21

A big debate is going on between my school district, teachers and parents whether the teachers should do instruction from their classrooms during distance learning or from their homes. The school district has outlined their argument and didn’t include the teachers union in the decision which enraged some or most teachers. Teachers and parents even created a Facebook page stating their opinions regarding it. They also organized a drive by during the Board of Education meeting letting them know they were dissatisfied with the school district which even made the news.

I’m proud to say our parents are supporting us as well they are concerned with other issues the school district has outlined for the 2020/21 school year.

I would not be opposed to teach asynchronous and synchronously from my classroom. But, Covid cases have been going up and are much higher than May through June. In addition, I have been home stressing out because I don’t want to die at 50. My lungs are damaged with scar tissue and don’t have full breathing capability. I was off from an asthma attack just from the vents not properly cleaned or changed in an old building in the past. My asthma is SEVERE. Every time I get sick, my asthma flairs up and even earlier this year for two months I was put on steroids. It’s not good to go on a steroid pack but I was on it for 2 months. While working at school, we would be in touch with other teachers, office staff, custodians and random parents that may walk on without masks. That will put those of us in danger of catching the virus. Plus, what about our mental health being locked up in a classroom?

The school district let us teach from home during March through June and the Covid numbers were low. Also, summer school was at home and it was successful. It would allegedly be just one month.

They year of Covid has presented many challenges for all in the education field and everyone has done their best (I hope they did) to meet the students needs. I’m one of many that are in the age range that have a medical issues that loves to teach and doesn’t want it to be the last thing they do.



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I enjoy writing about random topics but I don’t take myself seriously as a writer. I often go back and realize I need to edit again something I wrote. 🙄