It’s my Truth

I look like I’m swallowing a pharmacy each morning. I don’t want to get out of bed, shower, or eat. I’ve gain weight from the prednisone. I actually had to wipe a tear of frustration. My stress level is past the highest level and it feels like the world is against me. The actions taken against me are changing my perspective on some woman of color in leadership. Not all. I can only speak my truth from my experience.

It feels like a game chess but one side has more power now because they have a card to pull. Let me explain…,

One of my bosses didn’t care for me from the start. You know how you meet someone for the first time and you immediately don’t like them? Sometimes it’s a just female thing.

It was so bad that she bad mouthed me to parents, staff and humiliated me multiple times. She wrote me up and I was suspended and I had to go out on leave for stress. I almost lost everything. The job I love. My quality of life. My credit took a dive due to being on Statutory Pay, and it even made me question her character and race in a power position.

I am a people pleaser by nature and she was throughly annoyed just by looking at me. If she was nice she would use it against me later. She was cold and calculated and generally made my life a living hell.

The union told me to go on leave way before I did. I wouldn’t have been written up. They really didn’t supported me because she knew people and her race played a big part in the equation. Even a member of the BOE said black trumps white. It didn’t matter if she crossed a line, I was being pushed out.

Luckily, I received a transfer to another school and my job was saved. I prayed everything would be better with a fresh start. Unfortunately, the new boss was friends with my prior old boss. She was nice at first. She was never disrespectful like the other one but her true colors came out eventually with snide remarks. It was reflected in my review so I asked for the VP to do it the following year. My review was just fine. I just needed someone who wasn’t interested in the gossip.

What I learned was some women included their emotions and forget professional reason and will do anything to get their end result or revenge. If they feel like they have been put in an unflattering light by an employee, some will go to extreme lengths to show their power even try to get you terminated because they don’t like you. It’s unfortunate because women should stick together and help each succeed and not terrorize another. It’s okay not to like someone but to go such extremes is a sad state of affairs.



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I enjoy writing about random topics but I don’t take myself seriously as a writer. I often go back and realize I need to edit again something I wrote. 🙄